Douglas fir tropical low


This board concept is what we call the ‘aware’ range... basically be aware of what you can reuse in your life, what you can give life to and how you can minimise waste!

This board is 7,2 and made from 100% recycled ‘Australian Douglas fir’ that’s over 100 years old! It was pulled from an old dock yard shed near Sydney harbour in 1970 and some how we discovered it sitting in another shed not far from its original location, destitute to become firewood or just rot away we dragged it over 800km so we could give it some new life and now will probably last another 1000 years, this timber has soul! It has something special about it and every board is independent in some way, the grain is mesmerising, and the beautiful natural colours will continue to change over time and get better with age!

There are only have a handful available!

It would best suit a modern light coloured interior. 

All hand made in Burleigh heads! 

1 week shipping time. 



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