Raw Recycled collection x Marlo


This boards is made from 100% recycled paulownia and is an amazing art work for any space it is all hand carved and as it’s still shaped for surfing we have left these with a raw finish more suited for a something to enjoy with your eye and touch rather tan surf 

These will bring warmth and happiness to any space and will last many lifetimes all individual numbered and as always only limited numbers will be done 

2-3 weeks shipping 



1. You purchase the board from our website or you are already a pre existing customer and own a Maywood board {concept only available for full price boards}

2. Once the board arrives and you have put it on display - you take 3 photos of that board in the space.

3. Email the photos to partofthefamily@maywoodsurf.com

4. An identification code will be generated online to match the one on your board. If you are a pre existing customer  we will send you a card with an ID number (that you can display with the board

5. You will receive a confirmation email that your board is now live for sale on our website and you can also ad a direct link on your Airbnb ad

6. Your guest then simply goes online and finds your code they can then purchase the exact identical board and it will be sent to their desired address straight from our factory you do not have to lift a finger
8. How do you make money? Every time your code is entered and someone purchases your board on the Maywood web site  you will receive $100 dollars payed within 2-4 days to your nominated bank account, it’s that easy buy a board display it were people will see it then will do the rest ...

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